Light-Up For Diwali With Our Eco-Friendly Bamboo Lanterns

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Light-Up For Diwali With Our Eco-Friendly Bamboo Lanterns

Diwali is the time to celebrate with your loved ones and decorate the house! It is among the most celebrated festivals in the country. Everyone buys new clothes and home décor pieces during Diwali. This time, go green! Try the eco-friendly artifacts created by skilled artisans. Celebrate Diwali with your loving friends and family members and help the world heal by being nature-friendly. 

Why choose eco-friendly lanterns?

Lanterns are the constant items on the buying list during Diwali. As it is the time to celebrate with light and flowers, every household in the country buys new lanterns and lamps. Whether you light up the indigenous diyas or LED rice lights, the lanterns bring a unique touch to the overall aesthetics. Going eco-friendly this Diwali with the unique collection of lanterns can be an excellent step. If you are doubtful about the choice, here are some reasons that will make you want to place the order right now!

Bamboo – The most versatile item

Bamboo is an excellent manufacturing item through which you can create sturdy artifacts. Lanterns and lamp sheds made with bamboo look beautiful and assures durability. You can stay assured of the quality with zero doubts in your mind. The ethnic look of bamboo makes every house look beautiful. Go for the bamboo lanterns without any hesitation as the premium products will not let you down!

Colors that brighten the mood

The modern lanterns made with bamboo are colorful and look gorgeous. The weaving of bamboo sheets on the lantern surface allows light to reflect. You can hang the Kandil made with bamboo shoot or place it on the center table in the living room – the choice is yours to make! No matter where you keep these beautiful lanterns or hang them, these will only enhance the mood and décor of the room with their vibrant appeal! 

Many designs and patterns

The best part about buying these bamboo lanterns is the variety in the design. From different shapes to unique colors, these lanterns exhibit beauty in every possible way! One can find lanterns with distinctive patterns to keep the look unique from the rest! You need to adhere to single pieces and can check out the variety in the collection.

At par with contemporary pieces

Who said you cannot decorate your modern apartment with eco-friendly products? It is a misconception that the bamboo lanterns look backdated! You must have not seen the collection. The new-age lanterns are in no way lesser than the contemporary artifacts and lanterns. Switch to a greener choice with bamboo lanterns and decorate your modern interiors with an ethnic touch. 

A chance to thank nature and artisans

Do you know how much time and effort it takes to create a lantern? These are designed manually by tribal artists. Organizations like Seva Vivek, encourage the livelihood of the tribal women by supporting their craft. You get these beautifully designed bamboo lanterns made by skilled tribal artisans at the most affordable price. The price you pay helps them earn their revenue and encourages more women to get economically stable. Buy these lanterns to thank the efforts of the artisans and be kind towards nature. 

Options you can buy and decoration ideas – Now that you have explored the perks of getting bamboo lanterns, are you excited to review the various designs? As discussed, there are several lantern models and designs with bamboo sheets. You can explore the following types to pick the one you like the most!

  1. Premium Shukra – Crafted with perfection

The diamond-shaped lantern is designed by the tribal artisans of Maharashtra. The perfect cuts on the surface with careful weaving technique make the Premium Shukra lantern ideal for Diwali décor. Brighten the mood with the festive collection brought through the Diwali lanterns. 

2.Budh lantern – Simple and classic

A cylindrical lantern has always been a classic example of a handmade lantern. It looks simple and elegant with no extra design on the body. Hang the lantern on the balcony or in the living room for bringing a soft light reflection to every corner of the room. If you are a fan of minimal styles and décor, this one is apt for your house.

3.Premium Mangal – Made with natural colors

The premium Mangal lantern is a beautifully designed Aakash kandil with a complex structural design. The natural colors used in the lantern make it an exquisite piece for your house décor. The color combination of red and black on the natural shade of bamboo brightens even more with the lights placed inside.

4.Dhruv Kandil – For the beautiful balconies

A pyramidal lantern that hangs from above reflects maximum light. It is apt for keeping in the living room, and you can find these lanterns with bright red paintings on the surface. Get it for your Diwali décor to make the room vibrant with the red shade!

Celebrate a greener Diwali with Seva Vivek

Seva Vivek can be your shopping destination for Diwali décor. Get bamboo lanterns handcrafted by tribal artisans of Maharashtra at the most reasonable price. 

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