One Bamboo Lantern/Kandil Will Illuminate Tribal Women Artisan’s Life

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Do you know what it takes to bring a smile to someone’s face? A solicitude act is sufficient. This Diwali, seize an opportunity to bring many smiles to many faces! How? It is simple. Buy bamboo lanterns made by tribal Maharashtrian women artisans and support a noble cause. Celebrate the festival of light and love by spreading light to someone else’s life with a generous act. 

An initiative by Seva Vivek

Seva Vivek is an NGO that supports the employment and empowerment of tribal artisans. Their motto is to encourage more tribal craftspeople and women to step forward and lead respectful life with stable economic conditions. Seva Vivek supports them by motivating Tribal artisans and women to showcase and sell the bamboo artifacts designed and manufactured by them. The online platform allows buyers to purchase the items and contribute to the noble initiative. 

Expertise and skills – Master in their crafts

Why tribal artisans? Why bamboo lanterns? These are questions that most readers would have. But the answer lies in the beautiful artifacts produced by them! They are the ones who can weave the right sheets of the bamboo shoot into flexible lanterns. Their skills make them what they are and act as promoting catalysts for their produced artifacts! All you require is to step forward and recognize the raw talent and skill. This Diwali, acknowledge their efforts and buy the lanterns made by the tribal women of Maharashtrian village. 

Diwali is the best time to buy – Why?

Diwali is a special time when you bond with your family and friends. All houses shine bright with colorful and lit diyas. Why should you not contribute to making someone else’s house shine bright like yours? Diwali is the time when you buy lanterns and other artifacts for your house and gifting purposes. Why not go green with eco-friendly bamboo lanterns? It is a wonderful way to give back to nature and the society that needs your support. 

Reasons that will urge you to purchase 

Do you think the earthy texture of the bamboo lanterns would not suit the contemporary house décor? It is a misconception! You need to check out the amazing collection of bamboo lanterns to recognize the beauty of the artifacts. One can find bright and durable lanterns for their house that promotes sustainable décor with an eco-friendly touch. Read on to learn the reasons that will make you want to buy these lanterns immediately! 

Straight from the lap of nature!

It is high time to promote nature-friendly products for house décor. Especially during Diwali, the pollution level is at its peak! People only increase their carbon footprint by encouraging artifacts made of plastic and other non-degradable products. With bamboo lanterns, you make a good effort for preserving nature and act against the rising pollution. Encourage the earthy creations by purchasing lanterns that drive to your living room straight from the lap of mother nature! 

A generous deed for those who need it

Tribal society needs motivation that will help them grow and flourish. The communities living in the remote Maharashtrian villages need your support. Why not make a generous move that will benefit mutually? Buying bamboo lanterns will brighten your house and their homes as well! It encourages them by generating revenue. 

The monetary support through the surface-level business model is an excellent way to boost the community spirit. It helps them step forward and utilize their unrecognized skills. They can hone their existing skills or learn something new to earn their daily bread. One purchase can make a profound impact on their lives! 

Variety in the products and innovative ideas

You need not purchase the bamboo lanterns as a form of charity as the innovative design will make you place the order immediately! All you need is to check out the collection once! From diamond-shaped lanterns to the classic cylindrical kandil – the tribal artisans bring everything. The use of natural color on the surface makes the lanterns safe for all houses. The colors and weaves are toxin-free. You can keep these near your kids or pets without worries. The innovative collection is truly attractive and apt for Diwali décor for every urban household! 

Take one step towards betterment and tribal empowerment.

Your purchase decision may be a small step on your part, but it can be a giant leap for the tribal women who did not have any prior economic exposure! Simply put, it is a form of ground-level women empowerment that improves the lifestyle of tribal women and the artisan community. It gives them the much-needed confidence and, more importantly, monetary support to step forward. Help them become part of the mainstream world by strengthening the community’s economy. 

Get the best bamboo lanterns at the best price.

Celebrate the festival of lights by doing something good for tribal women, artisans, and mother nature! Get beautifully designed and innovative bamboo lanterns for your house, or gift them to your friends and family to brighten their homes. Buy the lanterns from Seva Vivek at the best price and support the cause. Make this Diwali an occasion to brighten the homes of the tribal artisan community. 

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