Farmers should not get deprived from their core function that is farming thus we strive hard to teach them the basics of farming. The main goal of the project is to reach the message of organic agriculture in rural areas and demonstrate the same for rural development, poverty reduction, ecological farming, natural resource management, biodiversity conservation and protection of environment.

In this fast growing world, Chemical agriculture and Genetic engineering are threatening public health and leading to nutrition decline. Costs of production, which includes hybrid and genetically engineered seeds, chemicals and irrigation etc., are increasing with every season pushing farmers into the debt trap and also to suicides. So we try to reduce the cost of the farmers  by giving them training in organic farming. Organic agriculture is not just a source of safer, healthier, tastier food. It is an answer to rural poverty. Organic agriculture is not just a method of farming. It is saving the Earth and farmers’ lives.

Here in RSS we have trained …….. farmers and adopted … villages too.