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Our Mission

Education and employment are two important aspects to solve all the problems of this tribal community. With this point in mind, our organization is providing free school education to the boys and girls of this community. It also provides training to women in bamboo handicrafts and they can have a decent mode of employment. Now we are using social media, websites for the purpose of creating employment for more and more tribal women. We are also inculcating a habit of being bamboo servants among those who are interested in social work all over India. We are leading the movement of selling bamboo products through this Bamboo Sevak. We request you to opt to be our Bamboo Sevak.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make India, our country economically, socially and culturally strong and capable. The progress of the country depends on the citizens living in the country. The tribal community is one of the social elements living in the most vulnerable condition in our country. The percentage of malnutrition among children is still at a significant level in these people. The girls in that section are prone to early motherhood and these people are suffering from many problems like illiteracy, addiction, etc. The educational and economic empowerment of this section is a key to their progress. We are committed to endeavor this task for all such weak communities in the country for social and cultural upliftment.

What we do

We have started Vivek Rural Development Center, a social organization. It is situated on thirteen acres of land in Bhaliwali village near Virar in Palghar district of Maharashtra. As an organization we work upon the four aspects namely education, employment, environment and agro-tourism.

Our work include: To provide school education and midday meal to the boys and girls in Palghar district, to cultivate trees of Indian origin on the project land as well as on the land of tribal women and school children, to impart training to the tribal women in bamboo handicrafts and create a mode of decent employment for them.

Who we are

We belong to the task force of those selfless people who are serving the poor and needy people of our country drawing inspiration from the noble organization named Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. There is one enthusiastic person among us who has taken voluntary retirement from his prosperous business at the early age of 32 and has devoted himself to the full time work of our organization. Our life mission and motto is “Seva hai yagnakund samidha sam hum jale”. (To serve selflessly for our motherland.)


Making Tribal Women Independent

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