10 Interesting Facts About Bamboo

Everyone has seen furniture made of bamboo or the utility of the organic element. But, have you thought about the origin? From where do you get it? Bamboo is an evergreen perennial flowering tree belonging to the grass family. The plants are of distinct sizes, and there can be giant trees as well. The shoot of the plant is the part you use in furniture and artefacts. It is widely found in southern Asian countries and often works as a perfect replacement for softwood or timber. Besides these known aspects, there are many things you do not know about the organic stem! Read along and get to know some interesting facts about the plant –

1. Bamboo is edible!

Yes, you can eat bamboo! Bamboo belongs to the grass species and is easy to digest for animals. Not only for animals, but bamboo shoots are also edible for humans. It is part of several Asian meals and dishes. You can eat it as a vegetable and boil the stems to add them to the soup. The species of bamboo, like – Bambusa vulgaris and Phyllostachys edulis are apt for eating. You can find bamboo sprouts in Asian markets to add to your meals.

2. Bamboo filters the air

The organic element is an excellent air purifier. It blocks greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other harmful gases that make the air polluted and poisonous for your respiration. In fact, bamboo being a grass produces more oxygen than trees! The oxygen produced by bamboo is 30% more than any tree.

3. Highly resistant as a plant

Bamboo plants do not require much caring or plantation support. In fact, these grass species grow in the wild and on roadsides without the support of any fertilizer or organic nutrient. These can resist harsh weather impacts and environmental challenges. Shoots that grow over 30mt can withstand storms and cyclones for the flexibility of the plant. Even at high altitudes, bamboo plants can grow optimally without care.

4. You can make fabric from it!

Bamboo fabric is the latest addition to products made by the plant. It is a highly comfortable fabric to wear in tropical countries. It allows plenty of air circulation and lets your body breathe. You can find the use of bamboo fabric in handloom art and clothing. The notable properties of the bamboo fabric that make it a perfect choice are – anti-bacterial, wrinkle-resistant and durable.

5. Bamboo is stronger than wood!

Yes, you read it right! The bending ability of the bamboo shoots makes them highly resistant and stronger than wood. As a result, you can substitute the material as an alternative choice in wooden furniture. The malleability of bamboo makes it perfect for creating furniture that stays in perfect shape for years.

6. Versatile and fast-growing rate

Bamboo is among the fastest-growing trees. Do you know why? Because it is part of the grass species. It has over a thousand variation that grows in cold and hot geographical regions. It only takes three years for the bamboo grass to grow into a huge tree! Bamboo trees grow more than 30mt in height with a stem diameter of 20cm.

7. An apt material for earthquake-prone zones

Bamboos are resistant to physical damage and ensure durability. Earthquake-prone zones and countries need furniture withstanding the tremors and intensified shocks. Bamboo is an apt choice for it because of the flexibility of the shoots. It does not break easily and is easy to restore in its previous form.

8. A renewable resource and medical benefits

Not many know that bamboo has medicinal properties. It is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The high amounts of cellulose in the shoots improve digestion and metabolism in the digestive system. The anti-inflammatory property of bamboos prevents swelling and acts as a natural healer for internal inflammations.

9. The role in art and décor

Handloom arts and handicrafts have diverse utility for bamboo shoots. The natural element with highly bendable properties makes it perfect for shaping into an art piece. It is also cheaper than timber, making it a perfect alternative for art and handicraft requirements. You can find home décor artifacts, decorative handloom fabric made of bamboo grass, aesthetic furniture and many more with the well-known handicraft-manufacturing brands.

10. An economic component

As bamboo plants are found abundantly in local grasslands and forests, it is not too expensive. Bamboo is among the most-used organic element for creating artifacts. In many rural areas, there are workstations and handicraft manufacturing factories that bring employment to the tribal community. It brings them a financial solution and impacts the economy of the region. It is not a very well-acknowledged aspect but needs recognition.

Summing note – A plant with many benefits!

With so many uses and properties of the bamboo grasses, the versatility of the plant is something to note! As discussed in the last point, many organizations like Seva Vivek have helped communities to grow financially stable by providing them with a scope to utilize the organic resource, bamboo. 

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