Replace Daily Use Plastic Items With Seva Vivek’s Bamboo Products

Replace Daily Use Plastic Items With Seva Vivek’s Bamboo Products

Seva Vivek brings you the best items to use every day and meet your daily requirements. Get a chance to avoid plastic products and make a wise choice. The world needs the best solution right now to avoid the use of plastic and anti-nature elements like plastic. The components in plastic are harmful to the ecosystem, and it is high time you took a step for making a difference!

The need to replace plastic with bamboo – Why bamboo? You may think of alternatives, but bamboo will still emerge as the top contender when it comes to switching the plastic products. With bamboo, you get the classic combination of sturdy manufacturing and aesthetics. Hence, you can find the best solution for a plastic replacement that not only looks pretty but brings robust performance for durable utility.

Top 10 options you can pick – Replace for the better tomorrow!

Now that you know why bamboo is the best alternative for switching plastic products from your daily utilities, here is a list of things you can order. The top ten items include everything from home décor to workspace essentials. The best part is that these products do not have toxic manufacturing and even contain organic colors to exhibit a sustainable approach toward the ecosystem. Read on and find out the top options to purchase for making a greener choice!

1. Savings and environmental awareness – Use a bamboo piggy bank!

Savings is essential, and it gets better if you can do it in a nature-friendly way! Plant trees and use the bamboo piggy bank to keep a track of your daily savings. It does not contain a bit of plastic and looks exquisite with all all-bamboo manufacturing!

2. A fruit basket – Straight from the heart of the forest!

Everyone needs a basket in the kitchen for storing fruits and veggies. Get over the conventional choice of plastic fruit baskets and holders for the kitchen. With the super-sturdy bamboo basket, you can keep multiple fruits in a systematic setup. It can be an indispensable item in the kitchen or dining table.

3. A bamboo tray – Designed with care and precision

Bamboo trays are currently among the most popular picks in the bamboo product collection for home and dining. These are designed ergonomically to hold multiple glasses and cups at a time without making a mess. The Worli design and paint on the surface bring out an Indic style, making it a unique choice. 

4. Bamboo lamps and lanterns – Make a bright future with bamboo

Bamboo lamps, lanterns, and kaandils are pretty-looking and can fit any interior décor perfectly. You can replace the plastic lamp shades and use the bamboo product to ensure a nature-friendly solution. It will also be a bright step toward the future with a nature-conscious mindset. 

5. Bamboo mobile stand – Get one for every family member

Mobile stands are a crucial part of household and bedside accessories. You can keep the phone on charge and place it on the triangular bamboo stand, specially made for keeping new-age smartphones. These have a firm base for ensuring optimal balance while charging the phone. 

6. Keychain holder made of bamboo – A suitable solution

Keychain holders are vital house décor items having a high-utility aspect. With the star-shaped keychain holder from Seva Vivek, you can get a unique piece for your house. It can hold multiple keys, and you can conveniently hang it from the wall hook. 

7. Storage box or gift holder – A beautiful addition to your room

You can replace your jewelry box with a perfectly-sized storage box made of bamboo. It is safe to keep your precious jewelry pieces inside the box, and the bright red boxes will also look pretty on the dressing table! 

8. Flower stands made of bamboo – A classic pick for home décor

Everyone likes to add some floral design to their living room. Put the natural flowers plucked from your garden inside the cylindrical flower stands, designed with elegance. These have Worli paintings on the surface and enhance the beauty of the room and flowers to the next level! 

9. Pen stand for every room – Keep it green and useful!

Pen stands are an indispensable part of the study room or work desk. It keeps your stationeries organized. Use the bamboo pen stand with an ethnic touch to keep multiple pens in a systematic manner, instead of keeping a plastic stand. 

10. Magazine holder – A unique addition to the drawing room

Get your magazines organized and enhance the living room aesthetics with the beautifully designed bamboo magazine and book holders. Keep them on the table for the pretty aesthetics and get a handy solution for managing the books and magazines. 

Switch to the greener future – Take a wise step with Seva Vivek.

Get the best products that simplify your daily utilities and requirements with the goodness of bamboo! Trust Seva Vivek, the trusted NGO, bringing the artworks of the tribal community from remote Indian villages to your doorstep. Witness the majestic creations of bamboo, designed with care and ethnic culture. Switch to the better and greener alternative by thinking beyond plastic and synthetic fiber with Seva Vivek. 

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